Questions That Candidate Should Attempt To Secure 90+ Percentile in MAT

Questions That Candidate Should Attempt To Secure 90+ Percentile in MAT5

MAT is no different from other competitive exams which judge the candidate’s writing skill and ability to think coherently. So instead of focusing on attempting all the question, one should focus on attempting the question correctly.

Here are some subject-wise tips to attempt MAT successfully.

  1. Approach towards Language Comprehension questions

The section consists of 40 moderately difficult questions. It is suggested to spend not more than 35 minutes on this section. The question is direct and to-the-point in nature. You can score 18-19 marks in this section for a good percentile. But mind it every wrong answer will cost you 1/4th mark.

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  1. Crack Mathematical Skills Section

Mathematical Skills is one of the trickiest parts of the paper. Focus on profit and loss particularly in the Mathematical section. If you are clear with your basic concepts you can score 100% in this section. The section comprises of 40 questions with question carrying 1 mark each. Spend around 35-40 minutes in this section. The best way to crack this section is to practice, practice and practice! 18-19 marks score can add to good 90+ percentile.

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  1. Highest Scoring section – Data Analysis and Data Sufficiency.

If you love solving bar graphs, pie chart, line graphs, caselets, tables, data sufficiency, data comparison, combination graph, etc. then this is the section for you. This is again one of the easy sections to score. While solving the questions try to comprehend the nature of the data and make a decision accordingly where to stop and skip to the next question in case you are not able to understand the question. The section constitutes of 40 questions and basically defines 20% of the total mark. A score of 16-17 marks is good to contribute to 90+ percentile.

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  1. Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

This section is the 2nd trickiest part after Mathematical Skills section. The question in this section is completely logical in nature. You need have really sharp logical ability to attempt this section. It is important for you to understand the question properly before attempting the question. The best way to prepare for this section is to practice at least one mock paper daily. Try not to make guesses and assumptions. You will have to secure 17-18 marks to get a good percentile.

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If you secure 500+ marks in MAT you will be eligible to get admission in the top management institutes in India. Many institutes have their own criteria and cut-off marks for admission. So try scoring high to get an admission in the Institute of your choice.

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