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Why should you do MBA? EMPI B-School 6

Why should you do MBA?

If you are among the undergraduate crowd on the verge of completing your degree course then it is very likely that you are getting anxious about what to choose next. A job? Or a postgraduate degree course? Selecting the right degree course is a challenge. But if you are interested in business a degree in […]

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MBA Finance? Skills beyond numbers EMPI B-School1

MBA Finance? Skills beyond numbers.

1. Dynamic skills Gone are the days when the finance jobs were just the office jobs with little knowledge of technology. It is no longer a fixed job with a predefined skill set. The constant change in the market is pressing the need for technically savvy people with the awareness of market trends and dynamic […]

Questions That Candidate Should Attempt To Secure 90+ Percentile in MAT5

Questions That Candidate Should Attempt To Secure 90+ Percentile in MAT

MAT is no different from other competitive exams which judge the candidate’s writing skill and ability to think coherently. So instead of focusing on attempting all the question, one should focus on attempting the question correctly. Here are some subject-wise tips to attempt MAT successfully. Approach towards Language Comprehension questions The section consists of 40 […]

Millennials! Are you an Entrepreneurial Generation? Know yourself first.

Millennials! Are you an Entrepreneurial Generation? Know yourself first.

Behold the Millennials – people born in the late 1980’s and onward, called by anything like Generation Z, The Intrepid Ones, The Impatient Generation or simply The New Generation. They stand in complete contrast to their parents!  The terms passionate, optimistic, go-getter, dynamic, dedicated etc are often associated with them. Have you heard these terms […]

Millennials... Are You Really Using Social Media?

Millennials… Are You Really Using Social Media?

As a millennial don’t you find yourself totally engrossed with your gadgets quite often, even to the level of obsession? Millennials’ love to be online most of the time can be understood, given their exposure to gadgets early on,  yet how many of them are fully aware of the explosive yet positive results one can […]

AdComm PGDM at EMPI B-School

Peek Into The Fascinating World Of AdComm

How is it that there is a whole vibrant industry in front of you, right, left and centre and all around you and you know next to nothing about it! And its outputs are out there 24 x 7 x 365 days and you have to put up with that whether you buy it or […]

Listen before talking

Oi, Shut Up and Listen

How many times have you felt like sayings this to someone? Or, for that matter, have you stopped listening to the daily TV Debates, especially in English. I have, long back, for I felt that this is mere cacophony and has no real outcome with everybody talking at the same time without listening to what […]

HR Management EMPI B-School

5 Top Facts To Join EMPI B-School for Human Resource Management

If you are a people person and likes to interact with people and solve their problem, Human Resource management degree is for you. Describing oneself as a people person and actually getting your hands dirty, managing people are two very different things. People person could be a talent with different degree of excellence demonstrated by […]

Gain Value Work Experience - Internship

6 Tips To Reap The Benefits Of Internship

It is believed that internship brings a breadth of fresh air in the summers of corporate jungle. The most convincing attribute that corporate can look forward to is to let the naïve mind vouch for itself. Interns are the most excited bunch of species, brimming with fresh ideas. Fresh ideas and experienced brains can prove […]