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EMPI’s Udai Pareek HR LABS, in Association with Management Association of Nepal (MAN), conduct a unique 3 day Experiential Workshop on “Leadership Development for Tomorrow’s Organizations”


A three day experiential action-packed, skill-building workshop “Leadership Development for Tomorrow’s Organizations” was conducted under the aegis of Dr. Udai Pareek HR-LABS in Association with Management Association of Nepal on June 20-22, 2012, at Kathmandu, Nepal. The course was designed for top leaders of organizations wanting to drive change in their organizations. The workshop helped participants to understand the dynamics of leadership & organizational change, reflect on their current leadership skills and learn other essential skills to boost their own and their team’s productivity and also lead change initiatives successfully. The workshop was a rich blend of experience sharing, instrument-based feedback, experiential exercises, and concept discussions. The workshop had good attendance, with participants from various sectors like public, private, banks, hotels, educational and financial institutions, etc.


Objectives of the Programme:

The main objectives of the Workshop were to help participants understand their own Interpersonal and Leadership Styles and enhance their effectiveness, through feedback-based instruments. The goals of the Workshop were for each participant to understand;


  • Their own Orientation of Power and the implications of using Coercive and Persuasive Power
  • How to effectively manage their teams
  • The implications of effectively working in inter and intra teams
  • The competencies required for leaders of tomorrow, who would be Institution Builders, rather than Organization Builders


Resource Persons:

  • Prof. Sushama Khanna
  • Mr. Partha Sarthy


Some of the Instruments & Simulations used in the workshop were;

  • Instruments
    • Leader Effectiveness And Adaptability Description (Lead)
    • Transactional Styles Inventory-Managers (TSI-M)
    • Power Perception Profile –Self
    • Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI – IC: SELF)
    • Encouraging Heart (ENC)
  • Simulation Exercises
    • Tower Building
    • Desert Survival
    • Maximize your Resources
    • Pygmalion Effect


Organizations that Participated:

  • Action Asia
  • Agricultural Development Bank Limited
  • Apex College
  • Asian Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
  • Asta Ja Abhiyan Nepal
  • Butwal Power Company Limited
  • Citizen Investment Trust
  • Diverse Nepal Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd.
  • Himal Hydro & General Construction Ltd.
  • Hotel Marshyangdi,
  • ITECO Nepal (P) Ltd.
  • Management Association of Nepal (MAN)
  • Narayani Finance Limited
  • Nepal Airlines Corporation
  • Nepal Bank Limited
  • Nepal Electricity Authority
  • Nepal Hydro and Electric Limited
  • Nepal Oil Corporation Limited
  • NRB
  • Office of the Auditor General
  • Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Memorial College
  • Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited
  • Shangrila Development Bank Limited
  • Siddhartha Bank
  • Study Plus
  • Travel House USA
  • Travel House USA Private Limited


Prof. Sushama Khanna during a Session

Mr. Partha Sarathy during a Session



  • The program has made me aware all about leadership and my own leadership style. The most wonderful program, I ever attended! Thanks to Management Association of Nepal (MAN), EMPI Business School, Prof. Sushama Khanna & Mr. Partha Sarthi.
  • It was an amazing experience, which I never experienced before; I never knew training programs could be so impactful. Thanks to MAN for organizing such a wonderful workshop.
  • Excellent workshop! I liked the contents, design and the delivery of workshop and will use to enhance my leadership skills.
  • The workshop was very powerful. The facilitators with their rich experience of subject knowledge and excellent teaching skills have provided us valuable practical guidance.
  • I feel enriched and empowered after attending the program. It was totally experiential, not a single dull moment. Thanks to MAN and EMPI Business School!
  • An excellent experimental learning program! I am sure I will be able to bring change in my organization.
  • Big thanks for the great learning time and interaction during these three days! Keep organizing more such programmes.
  • I am highly impressed by the implementation part of the workshop. Trainers made the leadership concepts very clear in a very interesting way. I feel confident to use learning in my organization.
  • I would like to say big thanks for such in-depth knowledge you have provided me and would like to attend more such programs.
  • I was surprised by the power of experimental learning. I feel so empowered after attending this program.
  • The most impressive, impactful and experimental program, it was an eye-opener for me to learn
    about my dysfunctional behaviours. I will certainly improve my leadership skills. I look forward to
    use some of the instruments for my team in my organization in an effective way.
  • I would like to say a Big Thank You to MAN, EMPI Business School and Faculty for providing us an opportunity to understand leadership in depth and showing us, that leadership is required at all levels to get an edge over other organizations. I wish and request MAN to organize more programs like this in Nepal and request EMPI Business School to keep visiting Nepal to enlighten us.


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