Millennials! Are you an Entrepreneurial Generation? Know yourself first.

Millennials! Are you an Entrepreneurial Generation? Know yourself first.

Behold the Millennials – people born in the late 1980’s and onward, called by anything like Generation Z, The Intrepid Ones, The Impatient Generation or simply The New Generation. They stand in complete contrast to their parents!  The terms passionate, optimistic, go-getter, dynamic, dedicated etc are often associated with them. Have you heard these terms connected with some other sets also? Oh, yes, the tribe of entrepreneurs.

Millennials turn out to be quite entrepreneurial indeed. Increasingly we see this phenomenon of young people quitting well-paid jobs to go for ‘start-ups’ and standing on their own feet.

Let’s find out if the characteristics traits and quirks describe you.

Take Positive Action: If you don’t waste time and you are willing to take entrepreneurial action, Congratulations! You have one of the most important traits of a successful businessman. Action can be defined as something which a person do or willing to do to bring about changes in his/her close environment.

Failing Bothers You: Insecurity may sound negative but trust me most of the leaders are insecure. When you are scared of failing and you do whatever it takes to succeed, that emotion drives the businessman in you.

You Are Passionate: It may not be money or fame but passion drives you to find an answer to the existing crisis, you are a perfect example of being passionate. Passion is such a driving force which doesn’t let you give up and keeps you motivated to achieve your goal.

You are crafty: Being crafty or in a layman’s term Jugaadoo is a person who is both creative and street smart. If you know how to be resourceful even if you are short of resources you can be an entrepreneur.

Grab opportunity: Are you a curious soul who is always ready to forge ahead to grab any new opportunities?

Love to take risks: If taking risk is an inherent trait in you, then you are born to do business. But again what kind of risk? Calculated risk is where you know the road ahead. Ambiguous risk and completely unknown risk is something you should learn about.

Brimming with confidence: When most of the people are focusing on challenges but you focus on the end reward that is confidence. If you have a mentality that big challenges breed bigger rewards you fall in a category of entrepreneurs who find opportunity in challenges.

You have unbridled energy: If your infectious energy and excitement make you different from the crowd consider yourself a ready entrepreneur.

You welcome critics: Not all businessman have mentors, so where do you get the feedback from. Entrepreneurs should be comfortable to take the evaluating process seriously. If you see scope for improvement in criticism you can be the next thought leader.

Recover fast: Successful businessman is one who fails fast and fails often. So if you are one of that person who recovers quickly from the failure you have a long way to go. People like these resist the urge to feel sorry for themselves.

Be it any generation Entrepreneurs falls and learn to pick themselves up and are super focused. Are you ready for a challenging life that an entrepreneur experience? Then you are on the right track.

Avnish John
Deputy Manager
Digital Marketing Dept.
EMPI Business School.

Edited by
A.V. K. Murthy,
Professor Cum Co-ordinator (Library & Publications)
EMPI Business School

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