MBA Finance? Skills beyond numbers.

MBA Finance? Skills beyond numbers EMPI B-School1

1. Dynamic skills

Gone are the days when the finance jobs were just the office jobs with little knowledge of technology. It is no longer a fixed job with a predefined skill set. The constant change in the market is pressing the need for technically savvy people with the awareness of market trends and dynamic skill set.

MBA Finance? Skills beyond numbers EMPI1



2. Changing attitudes

The expansion and growth of organizations have given rise to integrated job roles which require a lot of teamwork with different departments. As the organizations are becoming flatter the much-displayed arrogance of the finance managers is disappearing. Companies are looking for people with less arrogance and more oriented, confidence and intellect.

MBA Finance? Skills beyond numbers EMPI2


3. Practical Knowledge

The job profile of a manager demands the implementation of theoretical knowledge to a realistic situation. These expectations are higher for finance personnel. The other core courses like CA and ICWAI can give tough competition to MBA in Finance.

MBA Finance? Skills beyond numbers EMPI3


4. Communication

From simply crunching numbers to dealing with clients has made communication skills equally important for finance jobs. The ability to explain the complex calculations to clients in an understandable language is what makes one fit for the job.

MBA Finance? Skills beyond numbers EMPI4


5. Innovation

Innovation is a buzz word today and the finance department is not immune to it. The routines and systems are not just enough and the finance managers need to think about inventing the processes. It may be a method for collecting data that streamlines production or increases accuracy.

MBA Finance? Skills beyond numbers EMPI5


The more boxes you can tick the more you are sought after.

Dr Sonal Purohit
Faculty Marketing
EMPI Business School.


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