EMPI Institution launches Indias first and only, unique ‘Atal Incubation Centre – EMPI’ specially focused on Renewables, Smart Energy and New Electric Mobility

EMPI, a top management institution in Chattarpur, New Delhi has been selected out of thousands of applicants by NITI Aayog, Government of India under their Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) to set-up a first of its kind Atal Incubation Centre, specially focused on Renewables, Smart Energy and New Electric Mobility with the underpinning of AI & […]

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EMPI Basant Panchmi

Basant Panchami

Be Passionately Curious, Let Knowledge Flow  Oh, yes, the spring season is just around the corner. Bringing with it a cool soothing breeze, a maddening fragrance of flowers even in a metro city, and the myriad hues of nature in the countryside.  And it brings in Basant Panchami, the one festival which students and teachers […]


1st Feb: A Pivotal Day! Know Why..!!

February 1. An important day. Possibly a day to remember that change substantially the way Indian economy functions. We don’t know yet and only have to wait and watch. It is the much awaited BIG BUDGET DAY. What is in it for you, and why this budget matters? It is different in so many days. […]

Scope of MBA in Marketing Cover

Scope Of MBA In Marketing

An MBA degree opens the career options for you. From among the various options of specialization in MBA Marketing is the most popular choice. MBA in marketing can give you multiple fields to choose from 1. Advertising If you are a creative person you can choose the fascinating field of advertisement. Advertisement in itself has […]

EV Hackathon EMPI B-School

EV Hackathon – Get Charged-Up For 14th April!

Hackathon events are the breeding ground for innovative ideas. It channelizes the creative enthusiasm to solve a problem and take risks. You would say …“I have it in me what it take to be a Hackathonian. But what is there for me?”   Well, that depends on your interest like in EV Hackathon which is […]

5 steps to ace your XAT strategy XAT tips

5 Steps To Ace Your XAT Strategy

XAT which is also called as Xavier Aptitude Test is considered as more tricky than difficult. XAT has even changed its pattern to digital than the previous pen and paper-based exam. So the question arises “What is your strategy for this year?” XAT is accepted by XLRI Jamshedpur, Xavier Associate Management Institute and close to […]

MAT, EMPI B-School

Top 5 Tips To Score High In MAT

So if you are looking to skyrocket your MAT preparation. Devise a strategic plan! Before making a plan let’s understand what MAT is. If you are a management aspirant you would have heard of the jargon MAT which stands for Management Aptitude Test. A test which is administered by AIMA to smoothen the process of […]

Future is here.. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Is AI The New ET, With Huge Potential For Education?

The popular chant “Change is the only constant” is passe now. Ephemeralization is the new ‘in thing’ now. Oops, Whassat!? This word characterises the technology of today –  changing so fast with ever increasing velocity. To demystify, the term  Ephemeralization actually means (referring to the technology) – “doing more and more with less and less […]