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UNION BUDGET 2016-17 @ EMPI Business School

Everything You Need to Know About Union Budget

UNION BUDGET 2016-17 or rather dryly defined by the Article 122 of the Constitution as Annual Financial Statement of the Government. Budget making for a country as large and as complex as India is indeed a complicated matter. Things are not made easier for understanding it by the man on the street by the experts […]

Business and Economic Awareness

EMPI: Business and Economic Awareness

As business students you have to be more alert about the economic-business happenings in the country and abroad. Your ability as a potential employee seeking an entry into any job and further survival and growth in your career would depend very much on this knowledge. As such you should be reading business pages of daily […]

How to prepare for GD, PI, Test

GD Gyan

Test, GD and PI. That is the rigour nowadays for any entry particularly for MBA admissions.. Of course these are necessary filter points to ensure the appropriate induction, selecting the better candidates separating from the rest. So how do you get over these barriers. So many candidates I talked to had strange notions about the […]

How to build your personal brnading

Do You have These Elements of Personal Branding

Personal Branding projects itself through so many facets. It covers the total personality of you including all that represents you on the job and outside. It covers: You in person Dress Posture and gestures Communication Actions at all times Performance at work Your presence and participation in Social Media E-mail etiquette Facebook Linkedin Pinterest Instagram […]

Your personal brand is not a tatto


Or a tuft for men; nor is it rainbow claws or jingbang ear hangs for ladies. Your personal brand is that which makes you stand out and remembered long after you have left the scene. You need not make it cost a ransom or walk a mile for it so long as you keep it […]

Does an MBA matter


Does MBA matter. Does it make any difference. Does it raise any expectations. It depends. It depends upon what is MBA to you; what you make of it; what you bring to it and what you take from it. Industry is the prime customer and user of MBAs. Naturally Industry certainly has certain expectations¬†from MBA. […]