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5 steps to ace your XAT strategy XAT tips

5 Steps To Ace Your XAT Strategy

XAT which is also called as Xavier Aptitude Test is considered as more tricky than difficult. XAT has even changed its pattern to digital than the previous pen and paper-based exam. So the question arises “What is your strategy for this year?” XAT is accepted by XLRI Jamshedpur, Xavier Associate Management Institute and close to […]

MAT, EMPI B-School

Top 5 Tips To Score High In MAT

So if you are looking to skyrocket your MAT preparation. Devise a strategic plan! Before making a plan let’s understand what MAT is. If you are a management aspirant you would have heard of the jargon MAT which stands for Management Aptitude Test. A test which is administered by AIMA to smoothen the process of […]

Renaissance Day & Merit Award Ceremony - Event Wrap Up

Renaissance Day & Merit Award Ceremony – Event Wrap Up

A senior advised me – Don’t you miss the Renaissance Day & the Merit Award Ceremony! It was the first time I ever heard of a pledge of this type being administered and accepted wholeheartedly by the students of any institution. Renaissance Day and Merit Award Ceremony” in EMPI Business School held on 9th of […]

Future is here.. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Is AI The New ET, With Huge Potential For Education?

The popular chant “Change is the only constant” is passe now. Ephemeralization is the new ‘in thing’ now. Oops, Whassat!? This word characterises the technology of today –  changing so fast with ever increasing velocity. To demystify, the term  Ephemeralization actually means (referring to the technology) – “doing more and more with less and less […]

Millennials! Are you an Entrepreneurial Generation? Know yourself first.

Millennials! Are you an Entrepreneurial Generation? Know yourself first.

Behold the Millennials – people born in the late 1980’s and onward, called by anything like Generation Z, The Intrepid Ones, The Impatient Generation or simply The New Generation. They stand in complete contrast to their parents!  The terms passionate, optimistic, go-getter, dynamic, dedicated etc are often associated with them. Have you heard these terms […]

Millennials... Are You Really Using Social Media?

Millennials… Are You Really Using Social Media?

As a millennial don’t you find yourself totally engrossed with your gadgets quite often, even to the level of obsession? Millennials’ love to be online most of the time can be understood, given their exposure to gadgets early on,  yet how many of them are fully aware of the explosive yet positive results one can […]

AdComm PGDM at EMPI B-School

Peek Into The Fascinating World Of AdComm

How is it that there is a whole vibrant industry in front of you, right, left and centre and all around you and you know next to nothing about it! And its outputs are out there 24 x 7 x 365 days and you have to put up with that whether you buy it or […]

Listen before talking

Oi, Shut Up and Listen

How many times have you felt like sayings this to someone? Or, for that matter, have you stopped listening to the daily TV Debates, especially in English. I have, long back, for I felt that this is mere cacophony and has no real outcome with everybody talking at the same time without listening to what […]

Prepare For The First Year Of Management School

5 Ways To Prepare For The First Year Of Management School

Throughout the management school application process, interested candidates spend ample clock meter filling out admission forms, solving case studies and even polishing their interview skills to get into an institution of their choice. But there is one more thing which is equally important to prepare yourself for the first year of management school, which will […]