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If you are a people person and likes to interact with people and solve their problem, Human Resource management degree is for you. Describing oneself as a people person and actually getting your hands dirty, managing people are two very different things. People person could be a talent with different degree of excellence demonstrated by different people.

How do you plan to be a perfectionist or a professional in Human resource management?

A degree in Human Resource Management is one of the best ways to learn the nitty gritties of HR management. This degree acts as an opportunity for people who are interested in connecting with the employees, listening to their grudges, solving their issues, spending time on a one-on-one basis. To start with find out which college is accredited which will assure program’s quality. Master’s in HR management is a big investment of time and money.

Here are top 5 reasons why EMPI B-School is an ideal institute for HR Management Degree.

#1 EMPI’s Udai Pareek Human Resource Laboratory

Dr Udai Pareek is the father of HR drive in India. He laid the foundation of HR-LABS – a centre of excellence in HR at EMPI B-School Delhi. The HR programme was conceived under the able guidance of Dr Udai Pareek. The vision was to produce HR professional who could competently contribute to the various roles of HR in the business world.  

#2 Drastically Remodelled Programme

Fierce competition and continuously changing market have created HR as one of the most important positions in the corporate world. Esteemed faculty and who’s who of the HR world made it a point to design a programme which would prepare EMPI students to face the challenges of the business world. The programme is reviewed thoroughly to draw inspiration from the contemporary business world and ensure a rich blend of theory and practical application, solving case studies presented by the MNC called ManpowerGroup.

#3 Experimental Learning

EMPI’s HR Management programme focuses on practical learning experience, concepts based on psychological and behavioural sciences in combination with management know-how. EMPIans are equipped with specialised skills which deal with studying the science concerned with the way employee behaves. The type of learning helps the student understand real world problem and solve them with their fresh and creative minds.   

#4 Influence Strategic Decision Making

HR plays an important role in implementing organisational strategies which in turn proves the competitiveness of the organisation. HR folks have an obligation to utilise the human resources efficiently and meet the company’s goal. EMPI students are trained to recognise operating and controlling function in an organisation. Practical case studies make young managers understand the ways to integrate HR management strategies into the organisational system and achieve the overall success while meeting the needs of the employees.

#5 Highly Interactive and Innovative

HR management programme at EMPI is based on the concept of interaction and innovation. The course is designed to combine the conceptual framework with practical tools and techniques to meet the challenges of the corporate world. Practical insight includes interactive group activities, discussions and self-assessment. The management programme prepares every HR student to identify critical roles and competencies and align the HR planning with the workforce and business strategy.

So if you are ready to take up the challenge to develop a strategic approach to recruit, train and develop the most important asset of the company which is its people you are on the right track in pursuing a career in HR management.

Come be a part of EMPI B-School family. Come! Be an EMPIan!


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